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WaterField Designs Unveils REMIX Cycling Collection In X-Pac

Crafted from lightweight and durable X-Pac fabric, these limited-edition bags are built to withstand the demands of your rides.

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WaterField Designs, the renowned San Francisco-based bag manufacturer, has launched its limited-edition REMIX Cycling Collection in X-Pac fabric. Designed for cycling enthusiasts, these bags are crafted from lightweight and high-performance X-Pac® textile, ensuring durability even in the most demanding conditions. Available until May 29, this collection combines functionality, organization, and comfort, allowing riders to focus on enjoying their rides.

One standout item from the collection is the Cycling Tote, a spacious bag with separate compartments for shoes and water bottles. With ample room for a helmet, post-ride clothes, and other essentials, priced at $139, it’s a must-have for any cyclist seeking ultimate organization.

For tech-savvy riders, the Jersey Pocket Tool Case is the ideal companion. This premium case fits the latest Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, along with essential tools for emergencies. At $69, it fits neatly in narrow European jersey pockets.

WaterField Designs also offers the Cycling iPhone Wallet, a compact and water-resistant solution to keep your phone, cash, and keys easily accessible during rides. Compatible with the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, as well as similarly-sized phones, this sleek wallet is priced at $59.

Expanding on its Vitesse line, WaterField introduces the Vitesse Cycling Musette and Vitesse Musette Plus. These stylish bags are perfect for carrying essentials and even laptops, with the latter accommodating a 16-inch MacBook. Available in full-grain leather or black waxed canvas, the Vitesse Musette starts at $109, while the Vitesse Musette Plus is priced at $139.

Finally, the Vitesse Messenger Bag combines practicality and style with its tapered profile and adjustable strap. The quick-release metal buckles add a modern touch to this everyday carry bag, which is available for $179.

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