Blancpain Bathyscaphe Mokarran Limited Edition

Sales Of The Blancpain Bathyscaphe Mokarran Support Hammerhead Shark Conservation

The Swiss watchmaker behind the modern diver watch presents this 50-piece limited edition to support marine conservation in French Polynesia.

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$ 15,500

Sport a sweet-looking luxury watch on your wrist while doing your own small part to protect one of the ocean’s most magnificent inhabitants with the Blancpain Bathyscaphe Mokarran Limited Edition. The Swiss watchmaker credited with the world’s first all-out diver watch is presenting this 50-piece limited edition — eye-catching with its green dial — to support marine conservation in French Polynesia, home to some of the most pristine seas in the world, and specifically the Mokarran Protection Society’s efforts to conserve the great hammerhead shark.

This diver watch is a testament to the Blancpain Ocean Commitment and Mokarran Project. Since the company debuted the Fifty Fathoms — the standard for the modern diver watch — it has worked tirelessly to preserve the environments its timepieces are made to explore. Each sale will give $1,000 of its proceeds to the Mokarran Protection Society along with another $50,000 on top of the brand’s regular contributions to ocean conservation organizations. That premise makes the only thing bolder than the look of the watch’s lurid green dial, the mission it represents.