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Extans Akhal Sheen

Extans Akhal Sheen Is A Handcrafted Blue Carbon-Fiber Bicycle With 24k Gold Accents

Extans’ latest creation is named after a golden breed of horses.

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Extans is a British design company known for its bespoke line of bicycles handcrafted from forged carbon fiber. These bikes are top-shelf in terms of luxury, design, and exclusivity. Extans’s latest carbon fiber functional art piece is called the Akhal Sheen. This bicycle is constructed out of CNC machined billet aluminum and blue carbon fiber. The most notable accessory on this bicycle is the 24k gold accents found throughout the frame.

The Akhal-Teke, a fast, desert endurance horse breed, famously known for its shiny metallic coat, often referred to as “golden horses,” inspired the Extans Akhal Sheen name.  Luxury, speed, and style are the core values of this bike. The Extans Akhal Sheen keeps things clean and quiet using a belt drive instead of a potentially oily chain. The bike’s components carry quality names like brakes by Shimano Dura Ace, and tires by Pirelli. The seat post, handlebars, wheelset, and front fork are all made from carbon fiber for weight reduction. The entire weight of the bike is only 21 pounds. It almost looks too stunning to sit on its fabric ALM Ultimate Shallow saddle – almost. Extans says it doesn’t make limited editions because every edition is limited. So if you want a gold-plated, carbon fiber, Extan bicycle, hurry because only 19 Akhal Sheen bikes will be built.

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