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ticc* — A Smart Helmet Blinker Ensuring The Safety Of Urban Riders

ticc* enables riders to alert other vehicles of their next moves with just a slight head movement.

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A group of Barcelona-based developers has created a safety product for riders of all stripes, whether you bike, scoot or skate. ticc* is an ingenious helmet blinker designed specifically for urban riders. This smart blinker uses technology that senses movement and activates its flashing lights with just a tilt of the head. Move your head to the right or left to signal when you are about to make a turn, or a forward tilt will signal a stop – all while alerting other drivers in a hands-free way. Its RGB LED lights provide 60 Lumens of brightness to make sure riders can be seen up to 328 feet.

ticc* incorporates a hermetic system which makes it waterproof and incredibly durable. Using the most secure Velcro on the market, the anchoring system enables the ticc* to be attached to all helmets. The unit can be charged anywhere with a USB C. This smart blinker is a Kickstarter campaign with delivery anticipated in April of 2021.