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AGV Pista GP RR Futuro Limited Edition

AGV Pista GP RR Futuro Aims For The Highest Possible Level Of Head Protection

Stronger without adding weight and each one is unique.

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$ 1,750

Sports helmet manufacturer AGV has released a limited edition version of its original Pista GP RR helmet for MotoGP racing. This special edition helmet is called the AGV Pista GP RR Futuro. AGV markets the Pista GP RR Futuro helmet as the highest possible level of protection, with FIM racing homologation.

This helmet features a new shell with a forged carbon spoiler, an innovative carbon construction method that involves overlapping chopped layers of carbon fiber. As a result, the helmet can absorb greater amounts of energy upon impact without adding weight. According to AGV, the forged carbon method provides a higher density than traditional woven carbon fiber construction. Moreover, forged carbon does not produce the distinct pattern associated with carbon fiber. Instead, each Pista GP RR Futuro helmet is finished in a matte-sheen with a unique carbon pattern.

AGV also wind-tested the Pista GP RR Futuro helmet to ensure optimal aerodynamics and stability at speed. The Ultravision clear visor is offered in optical class 1 and is 5-mm thick while providing a horizontal field of view of 190 degrees. There is also a 360-degree Adaptive Fit system to customize the interior, comfort, and thickness of the upper part of the head, nape, and cheeks for a tailor-made fit. Other standard features include metal vents and a hydration system.

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