Hedon Epicurist Frknstn

The Handcrafted Hedon Epicurist Frknstn Helmet Will Ensure You Stand Out From The Crowd

Brass and copper machined screws give the Hedon Epicurist Frknstn a look that is rugged yet refined.

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$ 627

Designed in London, this British retro style open face motorcycle helmet, called the Hedon Epicurist Frknstn, is reminiscent of a classic James Bond look. The rugged yet refined look of the helmet is enhanced by the hand designed element of each individual product, meaning no two helmets are exactly alike. The 2mm thermoformed shield is handcrafted in Europe and attached using two stunning brass or copper machined screws, ensuring not only luxury but safety as well. You will be noticed on the roadway with this signature helmet, which in turn will make you safer while you ride.

Just imagine yourself atop your bike wearing this classic, retro styled helmet, fit for British royalty or the most stylish spy known to man. While you will do anything but blend in, you can embrace your inner spy and show the ladies what it means to be a sophisticated, elegant man. Choose from three Hedon Epicurist Frknstn sizes, small, medium or large to ensure a snug, yet comfortable fit.