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Hexcal Studio

Hexcal Studio Will Boost Creativity And Enhance Productivity

Studio provides non-directional task lighting for relief from eye strain during a long work day.

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The rise in remote working has created a thriving industry for innovative home office furniture and accessories, from motorized standing desks to comprehensive cable management solutions. Hexcal Studio represents the high point of these innovations, delivering a premium advanced workstation designed to improve workflow and device management for creative professionals. Built from durable materials including polished stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, the Hexcal Studio is designed to complement your desk with a raised platform loaded with features. 

It’s capable of housing wires and power cables for up to 14 electronic devices, making it optimal for graphic designers, music producers, and other creatives with lots of tools to manage. Thanks to its adjustable height, the Hexcal Studio’s footprint can be tailored to accommodate whatever gear you have, regardless of size.

Bringing these devices together in an all-in-one power system, the Studio’s clutter elimination is bolstered by its diverse selection of charging options. It includes a server-grade desktop power supply, with additional device charging through either fast USB portals or wireless gadget charging. Thanks to the front control panel, it’s possible to control the entire system at arm’s length.

Rounding out the Hexcal Studio’s impressive range of features is its immersive lighting experience, with a configurable non-direct light designed to reduce eye strain. This ultra-wide light source comes with over one thousand possible configurations, with the option to save your favorite settings for regular use.

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