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Satechi 200W 6-Port USB-C PD GaN Charger

Satechi Unveils Its 200W 6-Port USB-C GaN Charger

A 200W gallium nitride charger with six ports to charge a Mac, iPad, and other devices.

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$ 150

Charge all devices with a simple, portable, single charging station. Newly released, the Satechi 200W 6-Port USB-C PD GaN Charger allows up to six devices to charge simultaneously. Sleek, slim, and powerful, the new portable charger is a fantastic solution for people on the go. Charge all necessary electronic devices quickly and easily. While powerful, the Satechi charger is slim. The small charger weighs only 622 grams and measures 105mm long, 105mm wide, and is 35mm thick. Satechi can maintain its slimline shape and style by replacing the traditional silicon-based battery with an innovative Gallium Nitride solution. Gallium Nitride (GaN) is more efficient than silicon chargers, providing faster charging times and more power efficiency. A smaller size does not mean reduced power.

With six different ports, the Satechi is versatile and can adapt to several configurations. Power up to 6 devices totaling 200 watts. Different connected devices will have adjusted wattage related to the pre-determined port hierarchy. Devices connected to PD1 or PD2 receive up to 140W, while the other six ports receive 65W, 45W, 20W, 20W, and 20W. The charger is CE and ETL certified and has over-current protection to ensure a safe and full charge for connected devices. The new Satechi 200W 6-Port USB-C PD GaN Charger is expected to ship in late spring. The package comes with a free cable and is priced at $150.

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