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Courant Magnetic Valet Stand

Courant Magnetic Valet Stand Is An iPhone Charger With Style

A sophisticated magnetic charging pad that adds to the decor of any room.

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iPhone users appreciate magnetic charging pads for their convenience and rapid charging capabilities. They’re not often praised for style or discreet appearance. The Courant Magnetic Valet Stand is a new take on magnetic charging pads, with a sophisticated look that seamlessly and stylishly fits into any room.

Courant is an NYC-based tech company dedicated to creating tech accessories that seamlessly fit into homes, offices, and other areas of life. They take cold, utilitarian tech products and turn them into home accessories. The Courant Magnetic Valet Stand enhances offices, living spaces, and more with its slim matte zinc alloy frame and premium Italian leather outer. The minimalist upright design minimizes the charger’s footprint, leaving more room on desks or other surfaces.

This sharp-looking magnetic charging is also highly functional for modern tech users. It includes two charging pads that power two devices simultaneously. The 7.5W output up top holds devices upright for convenient use. At the same time, the 5W lower charger discreetly charges another device like AirPods or another smartphone. The Courant Magnetic Valet Stand is the whole package. It provides powerful and convenient charging capabilities with a polished look that displays the user’s refined style.

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