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Orbitkey Key Organizer Pro

Orbitkey Key Organizer Pro Makes Key Carry Effortless

Key organization reimagined.

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Many of the most successful product innovations are characterized by their simplicity and ability to provide a solution to perennial problems through a streamlined approach to design. This is certainly the case with Orbitkey’s Key Organizer Pro, which takes a bare bones but highly effective approach to eliminating key jingles and scratches when carrying keys in a pocket.

First developed a decade ago, the Key Organizer Pro from Orbitkey has been used by over one million people to keep their keys in order and stowed in a pocket without scratching smartphones and other vital accessories. It comes with a secure, loosen-free mechanism that maintains the desired order and allows users to access the right key for a lock quickly.

The functionality and durability of Orbitkey’s Key Organizer Pro are due to the use of premium LWG-certified Nappa leather and precisely engineered finishes, which add an element of style not often found with alternative products. Its design allows the user to access their keys through a quick flip using the integrated Quick Flip Tool in one hand, with micro-adjustable hardware and Micro Tension Adjustments to match the device to various key sizes.

With enough room for up to nine keys, the Key Organizer Pro minimizes the number of loose parts while utilizing an integrated spring for quick and simple assembly. The included D-ring is compatible with a large range of keys, including car key fobs and large house keys.

With additional compatibility with other accessories from the brand, including USB-C sticks and multi-tools, the Orbitkey Key Organizer Pro is available in colors ranging from blackout and evergreen to cedar and sapphire.

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