Orbitkey Nest

The Orbitkey Nest Charges And Reorganizes Your Essentials

Part wireless charger, part portable desk organizer, the Orbitkey Nest keeps your battery full and helps you stay organized on the go.

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$ 89+

Wireless charging is great and all, but things get out of control when you need to plug in a half-dozen different charging pads to adapt to multiple devices. The Orbitkey Nest guarantees that you won’t be forced to individually charge your portable electronics. Instead, you can charge your phone, earphones, smartwatches, and other devices all on the same pad.

However, this Nest is so much more than wireless charging. It is also a portable desk organizer. The wireless charging pad lifts off to reveal an organizer that is perfect for a busy lifestyle where you’re moving from hotel to hotel and you need things stored easily and quickly. The organizer offers room for traveling with secondary battery packs, cables, or even your wallet, passport, and other important items. All of your travel desk gear can be stored and secured right within the compartment on the Orbitkey Nest.