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ACTAMID M8S: The Smallest Mini-PC On The Market

It measures just 3.4 x 3.4 x 1.5″ in size and is capable of running both Linux and Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 operating systems.

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$ 240+

Win Element Technology Company is running a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund its ACTAMID M8S, a palm-sized mini-PC with an Intel Pentium N6005 Jasper Lake processor, explicitly designed for mini-PCs and mini hosts. The company says the designers’ top priority in creating this mighty mini was to balance connectivity, function, power, and ports with size and style. The ACTAMID M8S is currently the smallest mini-PC on the market and has the most expandable interface currently available, according to the company. It features 3 HDMI video ports, 3 USB 3.0 ports, 7 RGB lighting, and dual RJ45 network ports. The M8S also boasts replaceable and upgradable network cards, and its quick-disassembly shell provides nine clip-points and optimized screw-disassembly steps.

Since 2014, Win Element Technology has focused on computer hosts, servers, and integrated workstation solutions. ACTAMID products are known worldwide, and the company has an excellent reputation. Their customers are excited about the M8S. The Kickstarter campaign has only been live for a couple of weeks, and Win Element Technology Company has already far surpassed the initial $5,104 goal. ACTAMID has an independent R&D center and established partnerships with AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and other chip manufacturers. The ACTAMID M8S is currently available to support on Kickstarter, and the company plans to fund additional ACTAMIDs this way in the future.

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