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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Z Fold4

Samsung Unveils The New Galaxy Z Flip4 And Galaxy Z Fold4

Samsung announces the next generation of groundbreaking foldable smartphones.

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Continuing the successful Galaxy Z lineup of mobile phones, Samsung has announced the release of two new exciting models. Both the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 phones push the boundaries with robust technology, innovative design, and customization options never before imagined.

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 mobile phone echos Samsung’s trademark form factor while including features that improve the overall user experience. A larger battery, upgraded camera, and powerful processor make this phone ideal for self-expression. The Flip4 design has a clamshell fold unique to only this smartphone. Users can shoot video and photos hands-free with the innovative FlexCam feature. In addition, upgraded Quick Shot mode and Portrait mode help capture high-quality images and video, perfect for vloggers and content creators.

Samsung has also revealed a second foldable smartphone design in the Galaxy lineup. The new Galaxy Z Fold4 phone is ideal for the multitasker. A powerful processor, updated operating system, and new Taskbar layout make it easy to toggle between apps and tasks. The foldable screen can be split in half, making it possible to multitask on two independent screens. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 also pairs well with the S Pen, adding even more functionality with on-the-go note-taking and drawing. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 are available now for pre-order. The phones will be available to the public beginning on August 26 in certain select countries.

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