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Samsung ViewFinity S8

Samsung Launches The Glare-Free ViewFinity S8 Monitor

Samsung’s ViewFinity S8 high-res monitor caters to creatives and content creators.

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Leading the way in technology and innovation, Samsung has just set a new high watermark for professional high-resolution computer monitors. With the release of the Samsung ViewFinity S8, the electronics giant is set to provide the world’s first Glare Free “Matte Display” monitor. Promising unparalleled imaging, accurate pixel coloration, and powerful processing, the new monitor was developed with graphic designers, content creators, and professional artists in mind.

The Samsung ViewFinity S8 features pro-grade UHD resolution and a wide color pallet offering up to 98% of DCI-P3 and Video Electronics Standards Association recommendations. Nearly one billion colors are accurately displayed in crystal clear images on the IPS panel. The Samsung ViewFinity S8 has been certified as the first Glare-Free monitor with its Matte Display. The panel works to reduce light reflection, creating a distraction-free environment. The monitor also has a wide viewing angle that helps users see images with enhanced clarity from any angle. Furthermore, the Samsung ViewFinity S8 features repurposed materials to minimize its environmental footprint. The Glare-Proof material also utilizes less power, resulting in a 10% reduction in energy consumption. The new Samsung ViewFinity S8 lineup of professional monitors is expected to be released globally at the end of June. The new monitor will be available in both 32-inch and 27-inch options.

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