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R72 Grab&Go Vest

Be Prepared For Any Situation With The R72 Grab&Go Vest

The outdoors provide obstacles that aren’t easy to overcome. That’s why the R72 Grab&Go Vest is a wearable toolkit ready for any emergency.

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$ 200+

Offered via Kickstarter, the R72 Grab&Go Vest has been designed to serve not only gear-head outdoor adventurers but also anybody interested in prepping for sundry emergencies and all-out disasters. (It goes without saying that preppers can be hardcore gear-heads, too.) This water-repellant, military-grade vest lets you tote an impressive amount of equipment and supplies thanks to its load of pockets, stuff-hauling straps and loops, and the included modular bags — ranging in capacity from 4 to 20 liters — which can be rigged to the front and back. The 20-liter bag  is big enough to stow most laptops or several days’ worth of clothes, allowing you to keep everything you need at arm’s length.

Snugged into the R72 Grab&Go Vest via heavy-duty zippers and buckle straps, you’re prepared for fast-changing conditions given accessories such as the removable flotation liner and the hidden rain hood. You’ve also got a readymade shelter on your person for camping out — planned or unplanned — in the form of the attached tube tent. Whether part of your 72-hour kit, your bug-out bag, or your rough-and-ready camping supplies, this nitty-gritty piece of apparel serves as a wearable toolkit. Who knows? It just might save your butt someday.