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NWKC ‘Experiments’ Limited Edition Collection

NWKC Releases An Exclusive Collection Of Cold Weather Essentials

Each piece in the NWKC ‘Experiments’ Limited Edition Collection is fortified with materials and construction made to withstand the cold.

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$ 158+

One look at the NWKC ‘Experiments’ Limited Edition Collection may have you questioning its name. The monochromatic and minimalist design of the EXP001 Scoop Jacket and EXP003 CPO don’t exactly exude an experimental aesthetic but a closer examination reveals the innovative approach behind each piece. EXP001 and EXP003 are each made from a wool/nylon and merino dual cloth. The fabric is made through a unique process that wraps the merino yarn with nylon that benefits from each material by capturing the insulating power of the wool within a durable nylon shell. This makes the Scoop Jacket and CPO perfect as extra layers or as cold-weather shells that can keep you braced against the brisk air. Each of these MWKC Experiments comes in black, forest, and navy colorways.

The second experiment in the NWKC collection, the EXP002 Quilted Ripstop Jacket, is a much more rugged addition. This experimental release quilts three different layers together: 1.9 oz. ripstop with a DWR finish, a layer of insulation, and a mil-spec thermal lining. Those materials coalesce into a rugged jacket that can take on the frigid winter air while maintaining a relaxed silhouette that provides a free-flowing comfortable fit.