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1965 Alfa Romeo1600 GTA Autodelta

This 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA Has Been Racing It’s Entire Life

A rare, factory-built, Italian sports car with a resume of motorsports is up for sale.

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£ 295,995

The 1965 Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA Autodelta was a modified version of the Giulia GT introduced to compete in the European Touring Car Championship. In order for the car to qualify for racing, 500 examples needed to be built to sell to the public. The GTA was modified by Autodelta, who replaced the Giulia’s steel body with a lighter aluminum body to reduce the car’s weight by 200kg. The twin-cam 1.7-liter engine was given a race tune by Autodelta to increase power from 112 horsepower to 169 hp.

Duncan Hamilton Rofgo is currently selling a rare right-hand-drive 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA Autodelta. The first owner of this GTA was Maltese hill climber Leonard Calleja. The GTA competed in hill-climbing racing events in the late 1960s, and Calleja ended up keeping the car for 20 years. Previous owners all entered this GTA in racing events in quasi Group 2 spec, USTC Series, and FIA Appendix K Saloon car championships. The car has a long resume with hundreds of races under its fan-belt. Essentially what we have here is a rare factory-built race-tuned sports car that is perfect for vintage racing events or showing up everyone at the local cars and coffee meet.