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Bell Sport & Classic 1964 Ferrari 330 LMB Project

Remastered And Rare 1964 Ferrari 330 LMB Project Is An Automotive Masterpiece

This outstanding Ferrari 330 LMB project is proof that great things can be achieved with a blank check.

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The 1960s Ferrari 250 GTO is often the go-to for most people when asked to name a rare and uber-expensive vintage sports car. However, as so often the case with collector cars, there is always a more exclusive model. In this case, it’s the Bell Sport & Classic 1964 Ferrari 330 LMB — with only four examples ever made and only one in right-hand drive. One of these four Ferrari 330 LMBs is currently making the rounds on digital media. The restoration experts at Bell Sport & Classic have successfully remastered an original 1964 Ferrari 330 LMB.

The Bell Sport and Classic Ferrari 330 LMB  project was several years in the making: Treating the bones of this project car with the utmost care and requiring restoring period-correct parts or fabricating them from scratch. The hand-built aluminum body houses the original Columbo 4.0-liter V12 engine – fully rebuilt with bespoke parts. Since this is not a scanned restoration done by Ferrari, think of this car as a remastered vinyl album – restored and slightly improved. The budget for this project was essentially a blank check. Bell Sport & Classic added subtle details to the interior for comfort. The 390-horsepower V12 engine is mated to a five-speed synchro gearbox with a rebuilt limited-slip differential for road use. The results reverse the passage of time as this old Ferrari gets rebooted for another 50 years of turning heads as one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

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