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Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds Redefine Comfort And Convenience In The World Of Wireless Audio

These new earbuds offer head-tracked spatial audio, enabling your listening experience to reach new heights.

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$ 299

Bose introduces a groundbreaking innovation with its newly released Ultra Open Earbuds, catering to those seeking a blend of fashion and technology. Priced at $299, these earbuds offer a departure from conventional designs, clipping to the sides of your ears rather than hooking around the tops, ensuring compatibility with glasses of all kinds. This bold design choice enhances comfort and provides an unparalleled listening experience.

The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds come in sleek black or white colors, resembling a comma with a barrel on one end and a hook-like shape on the other. Despite their unconventional appearance, these earbuds offer intuitive controls, featuring a single physical button on each barrel for effortless playback and call management. Moreover, the earbuds boast head-tracked spatial audio, elevating your listening experience to new heights.

While the Ultra Open Earbuds prioritize comfort and innovation, they also offer practicality with their compact charging case, smaller than those of comparable models. However, it’s worth noting that the case lacks wireless charging capabilities, a notable omission for earbuds in this price range. Additionally, with IPX4 water resistance, they’re suitable for everyday use but may not withstand more rugged activities. Nevertheless, with intuitive controls and a unique design, the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds redefine the standards of wireless audio technology.

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