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Native Union Pocket Cable

Native Union Pocket Cable Revolutionizes On-The-Go Charging

The portable USB-C cable that is always with you.

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Managing peripherals and other vital accessories requires an organized approach to keeping up with an ever-expanding selection of devices, and the new Native Union Pocket Cable brings another handy solution to the tech-savvy marketplace. This portable USB-C cable is as discreet as it comes, delivering a compact cable system that can be easily carried in a small pocket.

It can provide up to 60W of fast charging and is designed for all types of devices, including the iPhone 15 and MacBook, as well as an extensive selection of laptops, tablets, and other smartphones that are also compatible. This allows for high-speed charging that can recharge an iPhone to 50% in as little as thirty minutes, making it an essential accessory for communication emergencies.

Through its USB 2.0 format, the Native Union Pocket Cable can transfer up to 480 MB of data. Its reinforced braiding and ultra-strong aramid fiber core provide additional security to prevent unwanted damage or wear and tear. With its cable management system, the Native Union Pocket Cable, which extends to 6.5in, is rendered tangle-free and ready to use immediately.

Additional quality is secured through the use of USB-IF certified materials, with the Native Union Pocket Cable using 100% recycled PET braiding & 100% recycled TPU housing. As such, it represents the pinnacle of the brand’s DNA, blending a distinctive design with a forward-thinking approach to sustainable construction.

The Native Union Pocket Cable is available in five distinct colors: Oxyfire, Black, Sandstone, Lemon, and Slate Green.

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