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Native Union Desk Laptop Stand

Enhance Your Workstation With The Native Union Desk Laptop Stand

The stand elevates your laptop or tablet for a more comfortable workspace & ergonomic posture.

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Anyone who has worked from home will appreciate the importance of optimal workspace management and avoiding clutter as much as possible. You don’t have to be a hardened remote worker to appreciate the space-saving advantages offered by the new Native Union Desk Laptop Stand, designed to enhance all types of professional or casual office workspaces.

Reflecting Native Union’s commitment to forward-thinking designs, the Desk Laptop Stand is an ergonomic, highly adjustable addition to any workstation. With an adjustable height of up to 24 inches, the stand can be tailored to the user’s requirements and help alleviate neck and shoulder pains. In addition to offering ample support, the base tray doubles up as a handy storage space for smaller office accessories and essentials.

The build quality of the Desk Laptop Stand by Native Union is pleasingly robust, combining sturdy metal with fabric cushioning to prevent laptops from getting scratched. With a weighted base and nonslip silicone grip, it remains steadfastly positioned throughout use, offering full compatibility with a broad range of laptop and tablet models.

Additional hinges expand the range of options when positioning the Native Union Desk Laptop Stand to improve comfort and help users work with an ergonomic posture. The result is a comprehensive stand designed for modern office spaces that require a distinct separation between laptops and other computers and accessories.

Available in black, sandstone, and slate green, the Desk Laptop Stand is compatible with devices weighing up to 11 lbs., whether you’re working from home or firing up your Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop for a lengthy gaming session.

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