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Unistellar Envision Binoculars – All-In-One Daylight Scouting And Stargazing Tool

Perfect for stargazers, nature lovers, and urban explorers alike.

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$ 599

Unistellar has taken stargazing in new and exciting directions with the release of its first smart telescope in 2017, redefining backyard astronomy in the process. For its latest Kickstarter campaign, it turned its attention to binoculars, incorporating cutting-edge technology from its telescopes into a new product.

The Unistellar ENVISION Binoculars include the latest Augmented Reality Precision Orientation Technology for a truly enhanced approach to exploration and discovery. Combined with high-end premium optics, they are an impressively versatile pair of binoculars that work just as well at night as during daylight.

This all-in-one approach to daylight scouting and stargazing is reflected in the impressive performance statistics of the Unistellar ENVISION Binoculars. It can identify 1000 astronomical targets of interest and pinpoint over 200,000 stars for astronomy lovers. Likewise, the ability to identify millions of terrestrial targets, from hills and mountain peaks to shelters, water springs, and caves, makes the Unistellar ENVISION Binoculars essential for wilderness treks.

Using BAC4 fully multicoated optical glass, images remain sharp and focused. At the same time, the Unistellar ENVISION Binoculars deliver a broad range of metrics in their heads-up display. Detailed information about centered objects is complemented by an advanced compass for real-time altitude and azimuth display in the user’s line of sight.

The Unistellar ENVISION Binoculars come with the powerful Envision Companion App for gathering and storing information, with AI text-to-speech for ease of use. Used in conjunction with a Guided Navigation mode, it’s a potential game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts braving the unknown.

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