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OneXPlayer X1 Mini

OneXPlayer X1 Mini Boasts Big Gaming Performance In A Small Package

Offering a full-fledged gaming experience in a sleek, compact design.

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$ 1,099

The handheld gaming market is on the rise, boosted by the exceptional popularity of the Nintendo Switch and the rise of portable consoles geared toward the PC gaming market. The new OneXPlayer X1 Mini builds on its predecessor, the OneXPlayer XI, reducing the screen size from 10.95 inches to 8.8 inches but delivering considerably more power under the hood.

Eschewing the underwhelming Intel Core Ultra chip in favor of an AMD 8840U chip, the OneXPlayer X1 Mini incorporates a host of impressive features designed for all types of gaming scenarios. Taking a leaf out of Nintendo’s playbook, it comes with two detachable gamepads, a sturdy kickstand, and a controller grip to connect the gamepads into a single wireless controller.

At the same time, the inclusion of a magnetically detachable keyboard cover shares echoes of the Surface Pro tablets from Microsoft, opening up gameplay for PC-first gamers who prefer the complex controller iterations afforded by keyboards. It’s a combination of handheld, tablet, and laptop modes that few other handheld consoles can match.

Featuring a high-capacity 65.02Wh battery for up to eight hours of battery life, it uses a modern 100W Gallium Nitride system for rapid charging to minimize interruptions to gaming sessions. The sleek design and lightweight aviation-grade aluminum make it a featherlight option for portable gaming.

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