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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Samsung Unveils The 5G Galaxy Note20 At Annual Unpacked Event

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra are equipped with HDR cameras that capture 8K video, the highest resolution from any smartphone.

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Staying in touch is more important than ever at a time where we must make due with being apart. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra each harness the powers of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 optimization to increase data speeds and improve reception to get the most out of the performance of any app, whether they’re made for social media, messaging, gameplay, or productivity. The 6.7-inch and 6.9-inch edge-to-edge display of the Note20 and Note20 Ultra brilliantly showcase what those enhanced data speeds enable. Each HD display is perfect for streaming series or Xbox Game Pass. Regardless of how you enjoy the enhanced performance of either of the newest Samsung Galaxy models, an all-day intelligent battery ensures a day’s worth of power with faster charging that takes merely one hour.

With Wi-Fi 6 and 5G offering unparalleled levels of connectivity, it’s easier than ever to share vivid images captured by each camera of each Galaxy Note model. Both the Note20 and Note 20 Ultra feature a 12 MP ultra wide camera and 10 MP selfie camera. The Note20 also boasts a 12 MP wide-angle lens, and 64 MP telephoto camera. The Note20 Ultra makes the most of its added screen size with a 108 MP wide-angle camera and is equipped with a 12 MP telephoto camera to boot. The Note20 Ultra’s laser AF sensor ensures photographers get each and every detail out of their images. Those HDR cameras are also able to take video in stunning 8K at 24 FPS, the highest resolution of any smartphone.

Each and every aspect of the Samsung Note20 and Note20 Ultra is made to bring users together. From videos that make viewers feel like they were there to enhanced data speeds that enable greater connectivity, the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note can be paired with other accessories so that its added performance impacts each and every aspect of your life.