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Grovemade Note-Taking Kit

Exploring The Grovemade Note-Taking Kit

Each piece in the kit is designed for flexible, seamless use.

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Grovemade has made several notable contributions to the world of home office accessories and furniture designed for busy professionals looking to streamline their workflow. Their futuristic desk shelf systems have revolutionized how home office workers organize and optimize their desks to deliver the best possible process and enhance their time-saving performance. The new Grovemade Note-Taking Kit takes this general ethos of workflow optimization and condenses it into a small-form package for a clutter-free approach to daily tasks.

With two years of development behind it, it’s the result of the company’s collaboration with designer Matthew Encina, who worked to refine a set of tools for capturing, storing, and processing your daily notes.

Comprised of three main pieces, the Note-Taking Kit begins with a double-sided notepad with subtle dot-patterned paper for quick note-taking. Placed on a solid metal base, the notepad has been built to stay in place, so users can focus on getting down their thoughts uninterrupted. It’s paired with an additional display rail for holding notes in place when ready for review, prominently displaying them in a readable position.

The final piece in the Note-Taking Kit is the vertical organizer, which can be used similarly to a Filofax to organize archived notes ready to recall when required. Designed with the same minimalist aesthetic and functionality in mind, the vertical organizer helps keep your workspace neat and tidy, preventing the accumulation of unwanted desk clutter.

Made from high-end materials and with careful consideration of practical applications, the Grovemade Note-Taking Kit is a must for dedicated remote and home office workers.

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