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Grovemade x Blackwing Pencil Kit

Grovemade x Blackwing Pencil Kit

A modern desk set for people who still prefer sketching with pencils.

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$ 120

Beginning in the 1930s, Blackwing created its iconic black pencils made from incense cedar and Japanese graphite. The pencils provide a beautiful and stunning look and create an unrivaled writing experience. Blending Blackwing’s distinctive form with Grovemade aesthetic, designers are proud to introduce the Grovemade x Blackwing Pencil Kit, perfect for display and use in any studio area.

The custom Grovemade x Blackwing Pencil Kit focuses on creating the best tools for any writer, designer, or artist. The stunning pencil kit combines custom design with minimalist style while still delivering the highest quality writing utensils possible. The pencil kit is made from a beautiful American Walnut wood display and includes Japanese graphite pencils. The Pencil Kit also has an integral pencil sharpener with German steel blades that sharpens the pencil to the perfect point. The sharpener is located at the base of the stand. Not only is the Pencil Kit beautiful to look at, but it provides the best way to store writing tools in an organized way that protects the perfect writing tip. The Grovemade x Blackwing Pencil kit includes the walnut stand, 12 custom pencils, and the built-in sharpener. The individual components are not sold separately and must be purchased as a set.

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