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Grovemade Stationery Collection

Grovemade Introduces Its Stationery Collection

Grovemade’s new lineup of desktop note pads features solid machined metal construction that looks fantastic on your workstation.

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For decades, stationery has remained, well, stationary. Not evolving with the rest of the world, staying pretty much relegated to pretty, loose-leaf paper and a neat pen for inspiring long-conversational letters. While there is nothing wrong with the classic appeal of the hand-written letter, it is far from modern in terms of both practicality and real-world application. Enter, the Grovemade Stationery Collection. This Grovemade stationery collection is created for quick notes, designed to make a workstation flow more efficiently, much more in keeping with the way people write today.

How many times during the day do people end up having to grab the back of an envelope to jot down some important note? What about taking down that important information while hands are full, and it needs to be done with only one hand? Traditional stationery, that of pretty flowers and large space simply doesn’t allow for this, at least not practically. The Grovemade Stationery Collection, though, is designed with just those purposes in mind. The solid metal base of the stationery keeps sheets together and allows for one-handed use. It is also designed to take up less precious desk space. The Grovemade Stationery Collection features long, thin notepads with a choice of black, brass, or silver metal backings, along with small sticky note pads and stands, also featuring black, brass, or silver stand choices. Paper refills are also available so that one never runs out of a good place to jot something important down.

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