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Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer

Amazon Is Releasing An Alexa-Enabled Sticky Note Printer

No ink needed – this thermal printer never needs ink or toner.

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$ 90

The sticky note, officially known as the Post-it Note has been an indispensable part of personal organization since the launch of the product in 1980. In more recent years, with the creation of several technologically advanced products, paper notes have lost a bit of their popularity with more and more consumers opting for digital organization methods. Interestingly, with the unveiling of the Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer, the partnership between technology and the practical, old-school organizational methods has been established, bringing back the classic note.

The Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer is an ink-free printer that is Alexa-enabled. It can print various items, like recipes, reminders, to-do lists, shopping lists, and even puzzles straight from an Alexa-enabled device onto an actual paper sticky note. It is a thermal printer that doesn’t need toner or ink, so it actually is pretty basic in its technological makeup. It also comes with classic yellow sticky paper for the standard Post-it Note look. Refills will be available in other colors like white, pink, and blue.

The launch of the Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer is noteworthy in and of itself. It was brought about through Amazon Day 1 Editions, which is a crowdfunding campaign by Amazon that aims to bring product concepts into reality. The Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer is one product that is currently being funded via this Amazon crowdfunding campaign. The Smart Sticky Note Printer can be pre-ordered for a discounted price until March 18. Heavy on the hands-free, this voice-activated printer is a must-have for the highly-organized crowd.

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