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Bellroy Desk Pouch

Organize All Your Tech Accessories In One Space-Saving Kit With The Bellroy Desk Pouch

This functional pouch keeps tech accessories organized in plain sight, then slips neatly into your bag when you’re on the move.

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$ 59

A clutter-free, organized desk is considered by many to be the key to increased productivity at work. The Bellroy Desk Pouch is a solution to keeping the clutter at bay. With its flexible main storage compartment that can hold all shapes and sizes of tech peripherals and EDC items such as phones, wallets, and keys, the Desk Pouch is both a robust and versatile organization solution. A clever design element of the Desk Pouch is the expandable storage that grows as you fill it – so users will have more than enough space for tech items and EDC essentials. It is completely flat when empty, taking up little room in a travel bag, and, importantly, the soft grab loop allows one-finger carry and easy removal from a deep bag.

The Bellroy Desk Pouch is cleverly designed in that the base shape keeps the pouch standing upright and open when full, which is an important design feature because it ensures that it takes up less desk space and doesn’t add to the cluttered feeling of the work area. The zipper splays wide open, which provides a full view of the user’s possessions and easy access without having to unpack or rummage. The Bellroy Desk Pouch features a durable, water-resistant woven fabric, made from recycled materials and is available in a sleek all-black option or in a limestone colorway.

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