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Post-it Extreme Notes

These Post-its adhere to brick, wood, metal, and can withstand rain, snow, and wind, while still remaining legible.

Post-it Notes were born in the 1990’s and became a staple on millions of desks shortly thereafter. But they’ve always suffered from the same downfall as the rest of the paper products in office supply stores: if they get wet, they instantly dissolve into the ether. Or into a smudgy, pulpy goo. But Post-it Extreme Notes are different. Rugged enough to adhere to brick, wood, metal, drywall, or a huge variety of other outdoor surfaces, Post-it Extreme Notes have more staying power even during rain, snow, wind, freezing temperatures, and more. And true to their mission, they remain legible, so your crucial notes remain posted wherever you left them.

Post-it Extreme Notes are ideal for construction sites, workshops, freezers, the great outdoors, your friends’ front doors, and stuff you need to remember to do in the shower. So whether you’re passionate about office supplies or just want to have the right tool for the job, these little suckers might be your new best friends.