Walker Desk

Upgrade Your Home Office With The Walker Desk

The 2 piece floating desk features a back panel finished in a walnut veneer complemented by a desktop done in a glossy white lacquer.

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$ 1,199

Modloft’s Walker Desk is a feat of engineering that creates an optical illusion. Mounted on a wall, the cantilevered desk appears to float in mid-air, as if it rises from the floor and through the wall itself. The desk consists of 2 pieces. The back panel features a 64×51 inch piece of natural walnut veneer that’s 3 inches deep which stays securely mounted to any wall. The top is a glossy white lacquer that’s 52×23 inches and 4 inches tall. This gives 25 to 26 inches of clearance between the floor and the tabletop, though the positioning can be adjusted for more legroom. The desk supports 105 pounds with 1 attachment to a wall stud. In all, the unit weighs 215 pounds in total.

Need storage for office supplies and other desk essentials? The Walker Desk is also equipped with 2 pull-out drawers will ball bearing gliders.