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Nest Thermostat

Google Announces The Ultra User Friendly Nest Thermostat

The cost-effective Nest helps streamline energy usage in your home.

$ 130

Google has announced the release of its newest Nest Thermostat. When Nest first debuted in 2011, it was lauded for bringing smart tech to the home. Since then, Nest has continued to evolve in response to users’ changing needs. This new model offers a swipe and tap interface on its side which makes changing settings quick and easy. A mirrored display panel is 40% larger than earlier models. The new thermostat now offers a Quick Schedule feature that enables the user to schedule custom temperature settings for different times of the day and different days.

Made from 49% recycled plastic, Nest can be controlled remotely using the Google Home app. Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa can be used to adjust the temperature via voice commands. Google has incorporated its Soli motion sensor to automatically detect when the user is standing in front of the Nest to wake it up. This same sensor, plus geolocation on the user’s phone, will enable Eco mode on the Nest to save energy when not at home. According to Google, Nest can help users save on average between $131 to $145 each year. Nest will be available in four colorways including snow, sand, fog, and charcoal. Available to pre order now with delivery expected to begin in several weeks.