Grovemade Catch-All

A one-piece storage shelf for your essentials with a smooth, welcoming curve like a pair of hands cupped.

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Where do your toss your keys, wallet, and sunglasses when you come home? Or how many places do you look for those essentials before you head out the door? A Portland-based design workshop that makes minimalism as functional as possible, Grovemade has created a product it hopes will answer both questions from now on.

The Grovemade Catch-All is a one-piece storage shelf that is a lot more than just a shelf. Its smooth, welcoming curve was inspired by Grovemade’s laptop stands and designed to mimic “a pair of hands cupped,” and its slanted, wool felt basin does just that, keeping your belongings both safe and visible. Unlike unsightly wall hooks, the Catch-All’s three tiny brass pegs are tucked out of sight beneath the shelf, keeping the focus on the walnut or maple curve.