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Lumos Ultra

The Lumos Ultra Takes The Bike Helmet To New Heights

A USB-C connection easily re-charges the helmet, which can be synchronized with an Apple Watch by way of Lumos’ own app.

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$ 79+

Bike helmets aren’t always all that functional. Yes, they offer protection, but that is where the benefits from the helmet begin and end. That’s not the case with the Lumos Ultra. This Kickstarter-funded helmet features an LED headlight, giving you perfect visibility wherever you may ride, plus there are turn signals with the same illumination built into the back of the helmet, letting traffic know what direction you are turning.

If you’re an avid rider then you know the importance of having lights built into your bike, yet if the bike is locked up outside these lights are easily stolen. With the Lumos Ultra keeping that visibility doesn’t require any additions to the frame of your bike. Signaling which way you’re turning with is made easy by an attachment that fits right onto your handlebars. The helmet charges easily via a USB-C connection. It can also be wirelessly controlled with an Apple Watch. Add in its weatherproof rating and ventilation and you have the ultimate bike helmet.