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Lumos Firefly

Next Level Bike Light System: Lumos Firefly

The Firefly can act as a front light, rear light, and turn signal.

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$ 29+

Improve visibility and rider safety with the new Kickstarter campaign for the Lumos Firefly. The same group who developed the successful Kickstarter for the Lumos Bicycle Helmet created this innovative new light. Building on their success, the Firefly light was designed to increase rider visibility with an easy-to-use and simple design.

Compatible with just about any bike or scooter, the Lumos Firefly light features an LED light that makes riders more visible. Upgrade any bicycle with bright turn signals, flashing lights, and brake lights. Riders will stand out in dim lighting with multiple LED colors, improving safety. With automatic brake lights and turn signals, riders become more predictable and thus safer with the Lumos Firefly. The light is magnetic, and it is easy to attach multiple lights just about anywhere. The lights will synch together, so turning one light off will turn multiple off. The Lumos Firefly light is easily charged with a wireless charger and can synch with the specially designed Lumos app.

The Lumos Firefly is still in its Kickstarter phase, but a $29 pledge will guarantee a single Firefly. Each Firefly light comes with a standard mount, but additional mounts, like the handlebar mount, are available for purchase. The Lumos Firefly is expected to ship in February 2023.

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