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Arclight Bike Pedals

Illuminate Your Bike Rides With New Arclight Bike Pedals

The Arclight Bike Pedals have powerful LEDs in addition to long-lasting rechargeable batteries that ensure your safety.

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Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the Arclight Bike Pedals are a modular pedal lighting system for bicycles that helps keeps bicyclists safe on the road at night as well as during the day. The circular movement of the lighted pedals attracts attention, maximizing visibility from the front, sides, and rear while providing up to 57% more visibility for bicyclists. Whether you ride for pleasure, commute, or trek long distances, the Arclight pedals withstand the distance. Made of aluminum, but rugged and durable, Arclight bike pedals consist of two smart light modules that attach simply, with a magnetic click. The lights are waterproof, fully contained in their housing, and powered by long-lasting lithium batteries. Charging is a simple matter of connecting the modules to a standard USB port.

The lights are “smart set” technology, and they turn on automatically when you start pedaling. In addition, they sense where the module is located based on motion, so light up either red or white — red for the back and white light for the front of the bike. What makes these extra cool is that the modules can be clipped anywhere, like on a backpack, helmet, shirt, seat post, handlebars, etc. So grab an extra set and keep yourself illuminated at the pedals, while you also have a lighted roadway and “tail lights” to alert those behind you that you’re on the road.

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