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POC Myelin

The POC Myelin Helmet: Constructed From 50-Percent Recycled Material

Conceived to prioritize sustainability.

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$ 100

Challenging the notion that safety can’t be met with sustainable practices, POC set out to create an innovative and safe helmet while still leaving a minimal carbon footprint. Protecting riders has always been of the utmost importance for POC but managing materials protecting the Earth’s resources is a close second priority. With the creation of the POC Myelin helmet, both initiatives are met, offering the first helmet made with 50 percent recycled materials.

While other helmets are meant to stay in one piece, the POC Myelin helmet is designed to be deconstructed. This way, portions of the helmet can be recycled, replaced, or reused once the material has reached the end of its lifecycle. On first inspection, the Myelin looks just like a regular helmet, but the advanced technical design is in a class all its own. The helmet remains protective with fasteners and adhesives made from laminated materials.

The fit can be fully customized with the ingenious snap-fit system. This system allows the rider to fine-tune the fit for a fully unique experience. The helmet is made of recycled materials, including recycled polyester and nylon. While the POC Myelin helmet is a great starting joint, POC is determined to make this innovative design simply an initial platform for greater sustainable potential in future products. The innovative POC Myelin is a step in the right direction for POC’s sustainable ventures. The helmet is available at POC online and select retail stores.

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