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Colnago Prototipo

Colnago To Field Test Its Latest Racing Bike Prototype At The Tour de France

Five prototypes will race, but only one will go into production.

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The Colnago Prototipo, the Italian bicycle manufacturer’s latest racing bike prototype, has been in development leading up to its ultimate field test at the 2022 Tour de France. Currently, only the UAE Team Emirates has access to the new Colnago Prototipo. Moreover, there are five different versions of the Colnago Prototipo being used by the team. The results from the race will help Colnago narrow its selection on which prototype will make it into production.

The new Colnago bicycle is designed for climbing and sprinting. Visually, the Prototipo looks similar to the current V3R. However, it will not replace the Colnago V3R but stand next to it in the lineup as an alternative option for buyers. Details as to the bicycle’s specifications and performance are kept secret by Colnago at the moment. But the Prototipo uses a new construction method to create its monocoque C-Series frame.

Colnago has not commented on the Prototipo’s release date. However, we expect more news to follow after the 2022 Tour de France, where Tadej Pogacar will defend his title using a variant of the Colnago Prototipo. In terms of marketing, this new racing bicycle will have the added hook of declaring it has been tested in professional competition conditions.

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