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LinkLens, Innovative Ski Goggles That Offer An Immersive Audio Experience

LinkLens uses an ingenious technology called Open Air Audio that keeps you immersed in your music without shutting out the world.

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Toronto-based Ryidar is engaged in a Kickstarter campaign for its new product, LinkLens, a multi-functional ski goggle. LinkLens is not only a pair of professional ski goggles but ones that play music, make phone calls, and have voice assist.  LinkLens are outfitted with a series of custom-built speakers, designed to offer powerful audio without obscuring the ears of the wearer. This is paired with dual-mic noise cancellation technology, which enables users to take calls while on the slopes to stay connected to others in their party or friends and family. Ryidar has designed the LinkLens to provide connectivity to voice assistants including Google Assistant, Siri, and more to let users perform digital tasks in a hands-free manner.

As for the feel of the goggles, LinkLens has an ultra-lightweight design and triple-layer high-density foam that perfectly forms to the face for all-day comfort. The goggles utilize a double-walled, anti-fog lens design for a clear, safe view even in humid conditions. The sweatproof side faux fur built into the ski goggles also helps keep the wearer’s view crystal clear and wicks away moisture at the same time. LinkLens features a large spherical lens that provides a wide unobstructed and crystal-clear view with a super-wide horizon. Wearers can enjoy the scenery and, at the same time, avoid unexpected conditions with the 170° horizontal FOV as well as a 90° FOV in the vertical plane. Ryidar anticipates that shipment of the LinkLens will begin in February — still in plenty of time for ski season.

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