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Vollebak 100 Year Ski Pants

Introducing The Vollebak 100 Year Ski Pants

The Vollebak Ski Pants are built to withstand fire, nature, water, as well as the rest of this century.

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Noted rugged apparel brand, Vollebak, has turned to the same materials used in their 100 Year Jacket to create the “toughest, most waterproof pants on Earth,” the Vollebak 100 Year Ski Pants. Out on the slopes, ski pants are exposed to punishing conditions not seen in other sports. They need to be made of strong materials to protect the wearer from blizzards, steel edges of icy chairlifts, rocks, and other hazards. Vollebak’s Ski Pants are comprised of three layers of fabric with an ultra-tough outer shell and a Swiss developed membrane that changes its behavior accordingly in the face of rain, snow, ice, sweat, cold, and heat. The fabric contracts in the cold to keep in warmth and opens during hot conditions to disperse sweat. Suffice it to say, these pants can handle whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

The Vollebak 100 Year Ski Pants come with a high-waist, removable four-way stretch bib made with 66% nylon and 34% elastane. It keeps out the cold and snow and provides extra protection when you need to open your jacket as it uses the same materials found in the pants. The bib is light and breathable and fastens on the waist with a central zipper and metal press snap fasteners. The bib comes with adjustable shoulder straps built with military-grade belt tape and quick-release Fidlock magnetic fasteners. The Ski Pants come in two colorways, black and yellow.

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