Form Swim Goggles

Form Swim Goggles

The technology behind these smart goggles has been praised by swimmers and University of British Columbia head swim coach Steve Price.

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One of the few missteps for the high-tech giant Google, Google Glass suffered from many problems, but consumers ultimately decided that glancing at their smartphones simply wasn’t that much more difficult than navigating a series of retinal-based screens. Maybe Google Glass would have been more successful if it had been re-imagined as Goggle Glass.

When you are swimming, of course, you cannot access your cell phone. Even checking key exercise data on a smart wristwatch is entirely impossible mid-stroke. So where better to employ a state-of-the-art, see-through lens display? This was the logic behind the new Form Swim Goggles, and that logic certainly wasn’t off base. The technology behind these smart goggles has garnered praise from dedicated swimmers as well as head University of British Columbia swim coach Steve Price.
In addition to providing real-time swimming metrics such as distance, split times, stroke rate, and calories burned, Form Swim Goggles offer exceptional eye protection and fit with five different sizes of nose-bridge included.