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CamelBak X Tracksmith Quick Grip Chill™

CamelBak x Tracksmith Quick Grip Chill Offers Cool Hydration On The Go

Designed with runners in mind.

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$ 40

The CamelBak x Tracksmith Quick Grip Chill is the ultimate hydration solution designed for runners who value performance and style. This innovative handheld bottle keeps your drinks cold for twice as long, thanks to CamelBak’s cutting-edge Podium Chill™ technology. Encased in a design inspired by Tracksmith’s dedication to the competitive spirit of running, this 21 oz. bottle is set to become your new favorite running companion.

Every detail of the CamelBak x Tracksmith Quick Grip Chill reflects an understanding of what runners truly need. The patented Trutaste™ technology ensures that your water tastes pure, free from any plastic aftertaste. The strategically placed pockets offer secure storage for your phone and other essentials. At the same time, the adjustable grip guarantees a comfortable hold, allowing you to maintain focus and push past every mile with ease.

Safety is also a priority, with reflective elements incorporated into the design to enhance visibility during early morning or late evening runs. Priced at $40, this limited-edition handheld is not just a tool for hydration but a symbol of a runner’s dedication to personal excellence.

Paired perfectly with Tracksmith’s Off Roads Collection, the CamelBak x Tracksmith Quick Grip Chill handheld bottle is more than just functional gear; it’s an emblem of the relentless pursuit of performance and style. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and keep your essentials within reach with this game-changing running accessory. Embrace the ultimate fusion of CamelBak’s hydration expertise and Tracksmith’s aesthetic precision, and elevate your running experience to new heights.

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