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The Kershaw TILT Reemerges After 14 Years

A fan favorite returns!

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The Kershaw knife brand began its journey in 1974, manufacturing a wide range of hunting, lock, and everyday knives known for using industry-changing technology and high-quality materials. Now, they’re launching the Kershaw TILT – 50th Anniversary knife in a limited edition run to celebrate its prestige in the field.

Classed as an everyday knife capable of a broad range of applications, the Kershaw TILT – 50th Anniversary pocket knife represents the cutting edge of the brand’s signature knife-making approach. Sporting a unique design that combines a modern, angular profile with a Wharncliffe blade style, it delivers outstanding performance through its precisely engineered plain blade edge.

Additional innovative touches include using KVT ball bearings for a smooth opening and closing mechanism, with a Sub-Frame Lock securing the blade in the closed position. The composite Blade formed from two steels for durability and sharpness, is enhanced by the premium CPM CruWear on the edge and 14C28N on the spine.

The same attention to detail and quality found in the blade continues through the handle, with the Kershaw TILT—50th Anniversary knife combining ultra-premium carbon fiber and titanium with a gray and black finish. There’s also a handy titanium pocket clip built in a single-position tip-up style for quick stowing and access.

Finished with a Kershaw anniversary logo lasered onto the spine, the $500 Kershaw TILT – 50th Anniversary knife is a fitting tribute to the American brand’s rich history and reputation.

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