Fulcrum Eclipse EDC Coin Knife

This ergonomic, coin-shaped EDC knife is about the size of a silver dollar.

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Designed to be the most ergonomic and comfortable nanoblade out there, the Fulcrum Eclipse EDC Coin Knife is about the size of a silver dollar and is ready to tackle any job during your day. Given its unique appearance, the easy-to-carry coin shaped knife is not only functional but is also a great conversation piece. At 6mm thick and half the size of typical EDC knives, it even sports a handle made from the same material as gun handles.

The Wharncliffe style blade features a cleaver-like flat edge for chopping, pointed tip for piercing, and shallow grind for smooth slicing. Finger notches secure and stabilize, and a button lock keeps your fingers intact when reaching into your pocket! Included is a key chain loop that can be attached to a lanyard, paracord, keys, or even a necklace.