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Roam Ranch by Baldridge Architects

Baldridge Architects’ Roam Ranch: A Sustainable Retreat In Texas

Blending modern design with traditional Texas vernacular.

Roam Ranch, a 4,362-square-foot single-family home designed by Baldridge Architects, is a testament to the seamless blend of modern design and central Texas vernacular. Located on a working ranch outside of Fredericksburg, Texas, this residence embodies contemporary aesthetics and traditional spirit, creating a unique harmony in its form and finishes.

The clients, having previously commissioned Baldridge Architects for a modern home in Austin, sought a new project to embrace their ranch lifestyle while incorporating modern amenities. The pandemic prompted a move away from city life, leading to the creation of Roam Ranch, where they sustainably raise bison and turkeys under the name “Force of Nature.” This new home needed to function for their personal lives and business operations, including podcasts and educational events.

Roam Ranch retains a true ranch feel while integrating modern flourishes. The design preserves the existing kitchen/dining structure and a detached single bedroom, weaving them into the new layout. Under a single roof, volumes for bedrooms, carport, kitchen, offices, great room, and gym coexist harmoniously. The corrugated polycarbonate roofing matches the preexisting structures and enhances natural light entry, creating a stunning focal point reminiscent of a central Texas dog-trot.

The design, born of pragmatic constraints, accommodated the clients’ need to live on-site during construction. Despite these challenges, Roam Ranch presents a resolved and clean structure, exemplified by details like the raw stone hearth with a precise floor reveal and the seamlessly integrated wood and steel supports.

Roam Ranch is a primary residence that supports regenerative agriculture and business operations, reflecting Baldridge Architects’ ability to blend stylistic modernity with functional, traditional design. The iconic long roof gesture and lantern-like carport make Roam Ranch a standout in the Hill Country setting, signaling a special place within.

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