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Tate House by MATERIA

Tate House By MATERIA, Where Craftsmanship Meets Natural Splendor

Designed with local materials and traditional methods.

Tate House by MATERIA in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, is a stunning blend of architecture and nature. This project aims to create a sense of place by harmonizing with its surroundings rather than imposing on them. The house is designed to highlight natural events and manifestations specific to its context, focusing on outdoor areas that establish contemplative zones and pathways.

The design features three distinct gardens. An unobstructed garden stretches from the living area to the ocean, offering a natural dune. The dense foliage of native tropical jungle species maintains privacy. The centerpiece is a desert botanical garden showcasing endemic species like agaves, cacti, bromeliads, and various trees, which change with the seasons, creating dynamic textures and colors.

Local materials and traditional construction methods are central to the pavilion design, reflecting Oaxaca’s craftsmanship. Masonry “solids” flank habitable spaces on a concrete slab, with stone walls visually connecting the structure to the site. Wooden and palm-thatched palapas cover the spaces in between, blending seamlessly with the natural environment.

The central pavilion, or “threshold of permanence,” houses public and social spaces, providing shade and framing views of the Pacific Ocean and Oaxacan mountains. This pavilion physically and visually connects with the dune and botanical garden, merging the project with its immediate and distant contexts.

Tate House by MATERIA is more than a home; it’s an architectural experience that invites contemplation and interaction with nature. It embodies a perfect balance of design, functionality, and environmental harmony.

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