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Boomerang House by In House

Boomerang House By In House: São Roque’s Hidden Gem

The house’s unique boomerang shape not only complements the landscape but also promotes integration with nature.

IN HOUSE Architecture and Interior Design has unveiled its latest architectural marvel, Boomerang House, a stunning countryside house in São Roque, Brazil seamlessly blending with the natural environment. Set on a carefully selected steep terrain offering expansive views of a golf course, this residence exemplifies comfort, privacy, and sustainability. Spanning 3,700ft² with three luxurious suites, the design respects the land’s topography, minimizing earth movement and preserving the landscape. Its discreet facade harmonizes with the slope, ensuring visual and acoustic privacy for the residents.

The boomerang-shaped structure inspired the project’s name, promoting dynamic interaction with the terrain. The primary goal was to create a home that fully integrates with nature, reflecting a serene countryside lifestyle away from city life. Every area of the house connects visually with the outdoors, fostering an open, integrated space perfect for hosting and relaxation. The living, dining, kitchen, and deck areas with barbecue and pool seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living.

Sustainability is at the forefront of this project. Photovoltaic panels, solar heating, reforestation wood, rainwater harvesting, and septic tank treatment are employed to ensure energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Natural light and cross ventilation negate the need for air conditioning in living areas, promoting a healthy, comfortable environment. The brick facade provides durability and a timeless aesthetic, while wooden brises add sophistication, privacy, and a unique interaction with light. Burnt cement floors with tile layout offer a rustic, artisanal finish, enhancing the cozy atmosphere of the countryside home.

Led by partners Andréa Bugarib and Betina Barcellos, the IN HOUSE Architecture and Interior Design team, alongside specialized professionals, completed this dream home in 2023. Now, the residents enjoy moments of relaxation and the tranquility of remote work in their countryside haven.

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