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Tracksmith's The Harvest Discover Fall Part I

Embrace The Transition: Tracksmith’s The Harvest Discover Fall Part I Collection

Welcome the changing seasons with Tracksmith’s latest collection.

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As the dog days of summer give way to the embrace of autumn, Tracksmith invites us to celebrate the art of transition with their latest collection, The Harvest Discover Fall Part I. This season’s release encapsulates the essence of change, dedication, and the bountiful rewards of perseverance.

The collection itself reflects this spirit of transition and dedication. Notable pieces include the Tracksmith Eliot Runner, a neutral running shoe inspired by New England’s natural surfaces, priced at $198. The Harrier Long Sleeve, a temperature-regulating Merino blend performance top, is priced at $84. For those seeking the signature racing look, the Van Cortlandt Singlet, crafted with a statement-making sash, is available for $68. The Van Cortlandt Shorts, priced at $68, offer a classic silhouette, while the Turnover Tights, available in lined and unlined versions for $128, cater to cold-weather running.

To mark the release of this collection, Tracksmith gathered a group of dedicated athletes in the scenic landscapes of northern Vermont. Against the backdrop of undulating terrains and sprawling hillside farms, athletes like Mitchell Black, Susan Aneno, Kenyetta Iyevbele, Eion Nohilly, Meredith Rizzo, and Miles Smith embraced the challenges presented by the region’s rugged beauty. Guided by the rhythms of Vermont’s landscape, they embarked on purposeful mile repeats and extended runs, immersing themselves in the essence of the season’s transition.

As summer surrenders to autumn’s embrace, Tracksmith’s The Harvest Discover Fall Part I collection reminds us that the journey is just as important as the destination. It celebrates the dedication of athletes, the beauty of change, and the resilience that embodies the essence of the season.

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