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Goldwin Trekking Collection

Goldwin’s Trekking Gear: Experience Peak Performance

From rugged outerwear to versatile accessories, this collection is designed to elevate your outdoor experience to new heights.

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Goldwin has been manufacturing a broad range of clothing that aims to unite humanity and nature, with over seventy years of experience striving to meet their manifesto’s goals. The new Goldwin Trekking Collection captures the spirit of this mission statement in a series of clothing and accessories designed for the spring and summer seasons.

The Goldwin Trekking Collection features everything from loose and breathable nylon shorts to hardy mountaineering pants and caps, catering to all tastes and situations. For casual summer days, the shorts and T-shirts deliver a lightweight and relaxed feel, with handy hip pockets lending the shorts a degree of functionality. Opt for the field shorts, and there are additional zippered pockets for more demanding days out in the wilderness.

For more inclement weather, the mountaineering pants and fleece hoodie bring additional warmth and comfort to the design, incorporating a supple texture that helps them fit snugly into the wearer’s body shape. And suppose you need something for a more challenging environment. In that case, the Pertex Shieldair mountaineering pullover breaks the conventions of the format with a highly breathable, waterproof construction with high moisture permutation.

Wrapping up the Goldwin Trekking Collection is a selection of caps from the GORE-TEX 2L and grid light to the premium Pertex Shieldair mountaineering cap, which includes a soft mesh inner rim and firm brim. Whether you’re after a complete capsule wardrobe for all-weather expeditions or something more limited, the Goldwin Trekking Collection’s comprehensive selection of clothing has got you covered.

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