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Goldwin Re-Optimum series

Goldwin Re-Optimum Series And The Science Of Body-Conditioning Wear

Goldwin’s Re-Optimum series takes innovative KODENSHI® technology body-conditioning wear to new heights.

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In our fast-paced lives, finding ways to relax and unwind is crucial, ensuring that our bodies remain in top condition. The Goldwin Re-Optimum series offers a groundbreaking solution with body-conditioning wear made using the high-performance material KODENSHI®, which enables efficient radiation within the body temperature range. This innovative approach brings you the comfort of “temperature consistency closer to body temperature.”

Professor Shimizu Norinaga M.D., of Osaka Prefecture University, collaborated in developing KODENSHI®. With over 30 years of research in health and medical science, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining a steady body temperature for optimal health. Even a one-degree drop in core body temperature can weaken the immune system by about 37% and reduce the effectiveness of essential enzymes by 50%.

The Re-Optimum series is designed to bring comfort into everyday life by relaxing your mind and body with a true-to-the-body temperature. Whether it’s the cold winter or a summer night with air-conditioning, maintaining the right body temperature is essential for relaxation and comfort.

What sets KODENSHI® apart is the ability to reflect natural warmth derived from the wearer’s body temperature through far-infrared rays. This technology ensures lasting, comfortable warmth without overheating or moisture absorption, distinguishing it from traditional “heating” fibers.

KODENSHI®’s efficient radiation within the body temperature range has garnered patents in 12 countries, making it suitable for various markets, including sportswear, bedding, and footwear.

The Goldwin Re-Optimum series offers a range of products, including the Re-Optimum Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, and High Gauge Shirt, all designed to combine functionality and comfort. These garments use organic super-long cotton, deodorant functions, and fleece lining to provide a luxurious feel while optimizing mobility and durability.

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